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15 July 2009

Demons IV
Earlier in Hell: Shang waved their small membranous wings, impatient.- I had thought about a site a little more private. - Said the couple while I spent a light and attractive smile.Enarqué an eyebrow and looked at him with disdain. High, bright green eyes, with brown curls on both sides of his face and a voice perfectly shaped velvet, was a typical teenager who went crazy for girls and starring popular television series. The kind of guy who has the ego so high that only a decent look at the rest of humanity above the shoulder, as if the world was theirs. The kind of guy who loathed.- Sorry, I have other plans.He was about to replicate when Amy suddenly appeared beside me, grabbed me by the arm and dragged me to the service of women. For once, the damn gift of opportunity I had been useful. We got into one of the bathrooms and we closed the door.- Do not you believe what I just count! - His face is congested and cheeks colored, then came to get me running. - Emilie Anton Bolton and Dave came together yesterday and ended up in bed with him! The boyfriend will put Emilie made a fury when he finds ...- Are you sure? - I asked feigning interest. After all I had been rescued from that situation with the boy with green eyes and his demon. Although she does not know.- Completely. - Was quick to respond. A naughty smile on his lips was outlined, it was clear who was to communicate to Emilie boyfriend what had just happened. - By the way, what were you talking to Ian Reed?So well known ...- I just was wondering where I could join the chess team. -It was obviously a blatant lie. Amy knew, but I knew too well to stress. - What do you know him?Amy's smile became wider. Enjoyed revealing secrets as a child with a bag of candy was the most restless and cotilla who had ever known. Always wanted to know everything, which is also seen in their high grades in all subjects. Spent more time in dressing, makeup and nails painted in eating or sleeping, but still had more love affairs that sets of clothes. It was my antithesis, but it was my only friend in high school.- Arrived a month ago of an intercultural exchange of these and have already declared half a dozen girls. The very idiot has rejected them all. - By the tone of voice, I guessed that Amy was among them. Ian should have thought better before rejecting the queen of the rumors. - The truth is that it has become very popular, and what I have seen is good in football as in basketball. He lives alone in a rented apartment and said that his parents died in a plane crash, although the latter still have to confirm.Even had a history of movie script. Chico independent handsome orphan who triumphs among the young. What made this element with a devil in your shirt pocket? That could not ask Amy. It was ironic that the only secret to escaping their ears I just kept it.Amy continued talking for a while longer, but it was no longer listening. Shang was too quiet and that was worrying.At last the bell rang announcing the start of the next class and Amy despavorida left without even say goodbye. I sat on the toilet lid and Shang climbed on my back.- Is not ever shut up? If you want to find out about the best thing that Ian will talk to him, your friend is a waste of time.- First you behave well and now Amy When critics think to share with me whatever plan you've been evil machine?Shang again draw your smile white and polished pins.- Oh, but it is a surprise ...
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28 May 2009

I remember the wind was blowing like a hurricane, whispering from the corners and whistling in my ears. I pulled up to a clearing, where they fell to their knees. To cover with their hands, but it was a futile and meaningless gesture, since it was strained by the wind between my fingers and my hair stir as a runaway lover. I closed my eyes with the force and bending his head, submissive and powerless before the furious gale. I feared that I wanted to re-crawl and cling to the soil and rocks, but it was not enough. Nothing was found and not enough ways to escape, to hide, or I walk. I scratched the soil rough skin, I beat the temple and blows cold air made me dolieran ears. I found that dragging words, the most painful he had ever tested. Voracious words I undressed and punished me. Entrecerré eyes and several distinguished figures, diffuse shadows around me.
But when the brink screamed in pain, begging for help when they only responded with murmurs unintelligible and faded into the air. Desperate, I decided to face the wind, but returned to break down. Again and again. I was tempted to give up and let go. It would be so simple ... but I did not want the easy answer, cowardice and shame they were the heroes, but the courage and strength. The heroes end up dead I thought then but everyone dies in the end, what lies in their original way of life. I do not remember how long I was holding his hits, slapped me on the cheek and I tossed the shoulders, he was hungry, thirsty and scared, but above all I wanted to overcome it all and force me to take a step forward. The hurricane was losing strength, little by little, into a mere breeze that caressed my cheeks sore. Then let me close my eyes and relax, and say that I fell asleep with a smile on the lips