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Hi I am bobby This is my story how I became real lesbian I am of 24 years. In one way I am lesbian by birth. Because of my attitude ... I am having so many friends..... more I have girls only. But I didn't have any dare to have sex with girl When I was in final year, my dad given me a gift of PC.. and also given an internet connection. Normally in night I always use to watch lesbian pictures and making myself in that dream throughout day

But later I start new idea.... I start to chat....One day I met Farhana . she is also of my age. We use to chat regularly. She is also from Bangalore. Day by day we chat too closely. Once I asked her to end picture. But she open her cam. She was not so beautiful... but looking good... she asked my picture and I sent my more picture... we exchange our ideas feelings and pictures. I requested my dad to get a cam. He given me money to purchase an camera The real story begins by this on that day I on cam.... She saw me.. and I saw her. We chatted. It happens regularly. Normally we start to chat 3 to 4 hours per day.. actually there is no matter but also we use to chat. It was the vacation time. Normally no one is in my house. So on that day I chatted in night. It was the first time we chatting in night. We chatted two days.

On Thursday night at 9:30 pm I given a massage to her that I was online. She replied me.. she will come and till to her arrival I sit to watch porn sites. She sit . on that day she was in bra type top and skirt.. I can see her cleavage. By unfortunately I her.. u r shape is too good.... She replied in thanks and asked me is any one may come and see her. I confirmed her. So as normally we chatted till to 11.. but my mind turn to lesbianism and want to see her. But getting fear. Next day normally I gone to shopping and purchased an dress which exposes me .... On that night I sit in that dress... she commented on my body. On that day she was in night. Today I asked her to sit like me. My surprise , she remove her dress without hesitation and sit in bra and panty. She also asked me to the same. So I remove and sit in bra.....

She commented on my figure and asked me to stand and show. I showed her whatever she asked me to and also asked her to show. She stood up and showed me her beautiful body.

She: what u like in my body?
I: your face
She: other than that?
I: all thing
She: do you have boy friend?
I: no and you?
She: I too
I: Then?
She: may I ask one thing?
I: ya ask dear
She: what’s your nipple color?
I: brown... y?
She: simple ... I love chocolate too much
I: hahha its not chocolate.
I: what about yours?
She: pink
I: can I see?
She: will you show me yours?
I: Of Course :

She unhooked her bra and sit I top less.. very beautiful pair. I also removed.

She: shell we see each other nude?
I: ya ok and I removed dress first and shown myself and sit by covering towel
She saw and said wow
She also removed and sit to chat in nude

I: show me your vagina:
She spared her leg and shown.. it is full of hairs and asked to show mine. Me to have hairs.... We sit to chat like nude from that day.... Unconsciously we become lesbian. Normally when we are alone we chat in nude only... One day I got permission to go out of family. So I went to her home. But she asked me to come to park. She given the address... so I gone there . but I find her and we are meeting first time .. but we don’t feel the same. We came to the corner and sit in place. She hold my hand in her hand and we start to talk like lovers. It may be our first time.... But we don’t feel the same. We chatted about our family and relations. Finally we came to our personal matter. I asked her .... Do you have any experience with girls...? She said no... and asked me the same. I said no.. and .... In mean while I put her hand on my breast... and asked how was it... she pressed and told ,,, milky.. and pressed ... I seen surround and no one find.. I asked shell we had sex.. if u interested.... She saw me and nodded in head yes.... I asked shell we go to our home... she saw me and said yes..... But she want to take me in different place..... but while talking she was in pressing my boobs.....i asked her to stop and make my dress correct.... I once saw here and there and little up her veil on chudi.. put my mouth directly to her pointed nipple and sucked on dress... she murmured like hna nnnn .... She hold my head and softly massaged ... I stopped.. her nipple portion was wet.... Soi informed her and I asked her shell we go somewhere... She come sit behind me in bike holding me tightly.... I covered my boobs part by my veil and start to ride. In lonely places she uses to press my boobs. I love the same. Finally I reached my friend room. I called her. She told the place where she kept the key. So I taken and went inside. she followed me.... It is a signal room. So we sit in floor. I asked is she needed water. She said yes.. and I gone to kitchen and... she followed me... and I given a glass of water....

She asked me where is toilet... I asked and open the door attached to bathroom... she there find ... my friends panties.. and touched pussy part..... and shown me... I told I will give mine... she asked me shell we exchange our panty as gift.. I agreed..... I drag her to me and hugged.. in mean while I massaged her ass... softly.. she kissed my cheek and see my eyes and I kissed her lips softly...... she said shell we now... I said yes and kissed her cheek and I removed her veil and I asked here to turn.. she turn I unbuttoned here dress from back .... She turned and asked me the same.. she also unbuttoned me... so we removed our top and stand in bra and pant.. I told her boobs and pressed it.... It was soft.... Want to see nips but I dint make hurry... simple bend and put into mouth and sucked on boobs..... he hnaaaaaaaa then I removed my pant and stand in panty.. she too.... We hugged each other... she put her hand inside my panty and creased my ass,,,, I love this.... I did the same to her.... She hold my hand and whispered shell we in.... so we inside bathroom and sit to piss..... it was dark.. so we heard ony sound... I hold her panty and asked me to give.. so she given to me.. and I given to her mine.....she smelled it... and put pussy part to symbols she lick there I did the same... I get little salty taste.. and it was wet... I thrown to floor ... and we came out side in hand in hand... when we came to light we seen each other nude... I taken her hand and place it on my pussy... she start to play with my hairs.. I did the same to her.. she saw time.... I thought it may late to her.. so I hugged tightly... she also and we kissed... I allowed her to suck my tits... she sucked... even thought there is no milk,, but for a long time... I laid and she laid on me.. .and we had rolled ... I asked her to make cum to me.. she inserted her figure in me... due to wetness she dint get difficulty inserting in me.... I did the same... I asked shell we 69......she saw me and smiled and agreed.. now I gone on her top ... I start licking she start...... me feeling like

I am flying.. we become just like 2 cat while drink milk....... She hold me tightly ......... I know it was her cum..... so I licked ... she make wet the floor by her cum.. I licked.. I thought show may be tired but she licked me... one force come inside me...... it was my cum.. I did on her face.. she drunk little and left some on her face.. I applied my cum and her cum to my boobs and asked her to suck.. she sucked till to my boobs will wet.....we take rest for 20 minute.. she went bathroom and cleaned herself and I cleaned myself.... But she was still nude.... I asked her to wore.. she asked my inner garment .. so I gave mine and I wore hers /....... We kissed and pressed boobs each other for some time..... in standing.... I asked shell I fuck once..... she agreed ....a d quickly remove her pant... I asked her to spread her leg .. she did... I gone to close to her pussy and put my nipple to her pussy and pressed.... Later I asked her to do the same.... She did.. I got pain .. so I stopped.... And we make correct of our dress and went......

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